Product Shipping

Formaspace Product Shipping is easy. We will give you a fixed fee quote to ship on our carrier using your preferred method of delivery, or you can ship on your own account using you preferred carrier of choice.
Planning for your order’s delivery is critically important to a successful furniture installation project. Our friendly and skilled design consultants will lead you through a structured shipment process, considering needs applicable to your building. A few things you may want to consider when speaking with your Formaspace Design Consultant include:

  • Do you have a dock-high facility, or will you require a lift gate?
    • Formaspace products are far too heavy to unload by hand.
  • Do you work in a limited access facility?
    • Limited access facilities include, but are not limited to all U.S. government facilities, universities, colleges, or other learning facilities, and private residences
  • Will a standard 53′ 18-wheel truck fit into your unloading area?
  • How wide are your doorways, elevators, hallways, or other critical constraints?
  • Have you planned for disposal of packing material?
    • Formaspace products require very substantial packing materials which will need to be disposed of.

Shipping FAQs

What is a freight class?

Freight Class is the category of your freight defined by the National Motor Freight Traffic Association (NMFTA). It is also referred to as NMFC: National Motor Freight Classification.

What classes do you ship under?

The class of your shipment is determined by its contents, as different types of products have different shipping costs.

The NMFTA classes products according to four characteristics:
1) Weight
2) Stowability
3) Handling
4) Liability

There are 18 freight classes ranging from class 50 (the least expensive) to class 500 (most expensive). Only 3 freight classes apply to our product line.

The 3 freight classes that apply to our product line are 70, 85 and 150. Our guidelines for each of these classes are:

Class 70 – Bolt Together – shipped unassembled – no more than 2 single utility drawers – no combo drawer units – no tool boxes, no storage cabinets or cubbies. Maximum of 4 benches per pallet.

Class 85 – Bolt Together – shipped unassembled – with 2 to 8 single utility drawers or 1 to 4 combo drawer units – no tool boxes, no storage cabinets or cubbies. Maximum of 4 benches per pallet.

Class 150 – Bolt Together – shipped unassembled – with more options than shown in the other two classes.

Class 150 – Bolt Together – shipped assembled – all bolt together benches with storage cubbies and/or cabinets will be shipped assembled to protect the cubbies.

Class 150 – Welded – all welded frame benches – regardless of accessories. With a bolt in spreader bar, these benches can generally be shipped 4 benches per pallet.