Product Installation Services

Formaspace Product Installation Services gives you the option for white glove installation of your work benches.

Installation Services Made Easy

Get the complete package at Formaspace: Free Design, Quality Products, and Professional Installation! Your workbenches will be delivered in our dedicated 75′ truck (yep, that’s an 18-wheeler), unloaded, and installed where you want.

To ensure your satisfaction, our delivery team has spent significant time in our manufacturing facility building actual workbenches. These guys know the ins-and-outs of our product and are able to quickly and efficiently get you up-and-running.

Full service installation is strongly suggested on highly custom projects exceeding $25,000 in product value, as well as more standard projects where the workstation budget exceeds $50,000.

Installation FAQs

Who performs your installations?

For small projects, Formaspace offers white glove service through authorized local providers. For larger installations, Formaspace sends its own dedicated team of uniformed installation professionals to meet delivery trucks on site, move, place, clean, and touch up furniture, for a complete turn-key furniture solution.

How much does installation cost?

A typical installation represents 10-15% of an overall quote. Our clients have found full installations a particularly valuable piece of the Formaspace value proposition.

Is Formaspace insured for my installation project?

Formaspace is fully insured for projects worldwide, and can provide appropriate documentation of insurance and prevailing wage information upon request.

What factors should I consider in quoting installation?

Formaspace suggests considering the substantial bulk, weight, and time of a large-scale furniture installation.

Our design team will ask you a number of questions relating to your project, including various distances, pathways, points of ingress and egress, and desired timing. We will ask for facilities points of contact, appropriate building authorizations, and unloading information.

In some cases, clients may need to obtain special equipment such as forklifts or cranes, or may have to dismantle certain infrastructure to enable installation.

Formaspace does not perform work requiring local construction permits, including HVAC, electrical wiring, or plumbing work.