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Installation Request Form

Please complete the following questions with as much detail as possible; insufficient responsesdata will lead to quoting delays. Should any modifications and/or restrictions not identified prior to purchase require additional labor or equipment, the cost will be added to the invoice.

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Is this installation request related to a project Formaspace manufactured?

Delivery Date

Delivery Preference

Can we be on site during non-business hours?

Primary Point of Contact

Can the Primary Point of Contact sign off on the installation?

What type of environment are the rooms?
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Hours of Accessibility

Do the installers require any permits or paperwork to access your facility?

Will there be photo ID requirements

Is there a dumpster at the install location we can dump our debris, or do we need to haul it off?

Will there be a forklift or pallet jack available at the install site?

Is there an area for staging?

Building Specifications

Is there loading dock access?

Is loading dock standard height (48.5”)?

Is there is clearance to receive a full length (54’) semi?

Is there a place we can park to unload (~2 hour window)?

Is building access through a doorway?

Are reservations for elevator needed?

Is the install in

One room

Multiple rooms

Are the rooms next to each other?

If on different floors, distance from the elevator on each floor(distance not null)

Ground Floor Installation

Upstairs Installation

Please fill out both sections if available.

Elevator Specifications:

Is there elevator access from offload area?

Interior size of elevator

Stair Specifications:

Please attach following documentation along with your install request form:

  • Furniture Layout or Architecture Drawings
  • Schematic of the floor where the installation is to occur
  • Certificate of Insurance Requirements

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