Our objective is to ensure a smooth handoff from our dedicated artisans, to our shipper, to you! And part of that effort means explaining to you a little bit about shipping rights and responsibilities.

Formaspace artisans crafted your order and packaged it with loving care. That said, occasionally, an order encounters some bumps along its way. Shipping laws dictate that we are responsible for making a great product, our shippers are responsible for shipping the product, and you or your authorized agents are legally responsible for movement and installation of your product from the moment you sign the proof of delivery. (Assuming you allowed us to ship on our own carrier and you did not contract with us for white glove or continuous chain of custody services.)

By law, you or your authorized agent are required to conduct a complete inspection of the product. If any product is missing, damaged, or incorrect, the problem must be clearly noted on the bill of lading upon delivery. Formaspace is not responsible for damaged or missing product once the customer or authorized agent signs the bill of lading. Shipments refused at site may be subject to redelivery charges, and may incur rerouting/restocking charges.

In short, if you note it, and it was shipped on our carrier, we’ll fix it! If you don’t note it on the proof of delivery, we’ll still try to help you out in every way we can, but you will have to pay for it.


Arm yourself with the tools you will need for decorating and assembly of your furniture.

Also, arm yourself with knowledge! This picture demonstrates standard crate condition upon leaving our facility. Unless you contracted for a special shipping method such as dedicated truck(s), your crate(s) should look something like this. Differences in packaging, such as missing lattice work or a pallet which is visibly damaged, often correspond to hidden freight damage or missing items.



When your shipment arrives:

  1. Inspect your shipment immediately upon arrival. Do not allow the driver to depart until you have made a full inspection of your order. If there is missing product or damage, please refuse shipment or sign the proof of delivery as damaged as appropriate, and contact Formaspace immediately for assistance. Do not allow the driver of the delivery vehicle to depart until you have reviewed the contents of your order to your complete satisfaction.
  2. Unless your shipping method was a dedicated truck, your order was shipped in a crate. If there is no 1”x4” crating around your products, your product may be damaged even if no surface damage is apparent. If the lattice crate is missing or if the pallet is significantly broken, please refuse shipment of your order and contact Formaspace immediately for further assistance.
  3. Formaspace contracts with all its shippers to ensure your furniture is never exposed to the elements. If your Formaspace products or crating demonstrate evidence of weather damage, such as a wet crate or water spots on furniture or plastic wrapping material, please refuse the shipment and contact Formaspace immediately for assistance.

After inspecting your order:

  1. Unpack right away, and check off all items against your packing list.
  2. Do not store your product before assembly, especially in a receiving area. Your high value accessories and fasteners will disappear, and you may incur damage. Formaspace is not responsible for items that go missing after delivery.
  3. Clearly and carefully separate your product from the substantial packaging material, taking care to not throw away any shelves, accessories, or fasteners.
  4. Keep your fasteners in a central, controlled location so they don’t wander off. We really did pack enough.
  5. Sequester high value accessories in a secure area. Do not leave high value accessories behind in hallways or staging areas. By the time you return for them later, they’ll be missing or damaged.
  6. If you have questions about assembly, call us! We’re happy to chat, walk you through it via FaceTime, or even help you arrange for a local installation team!


Thank you!

The Formaspace Delivery Team