Modular VS. Fixed Casework

Modular Lab Furniture

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A modular laboratory system is scalable as you grow, adaptable as you change, and repeatable based on your needs. Your research and environment changes, but your furniture doesn’t always have to. We build workplace furniture that evolves with the changes you adapt to fit a wide range of applications. Reconfiguring your modular lab furniture gives you long term cost savings and minimizes laboratory down time.

Fixed Casework

Longer Lead Times


Fixed casework fulfills traditional laboratory needs that require durability, continuous work surfaces, and maximum storage. Fixed casework is floor mounted and capable of supporting heavy weight for the most economical upfront cost before installation costs. Choose from a wide range of accessories, storage components, and work surface materials specific to your laboratory application.

We create and customize built in systems that fulfill your current laboratory needs.

Chemical Resistant Countertops

Phenolic Resin



  • Used in moderate applications
  • Moderately chemical resistant
  • Moderately resistant to
  • carbon-based chemicals
  • Moderate heat resistant
  • Paper and resin based
  • Average lead time

Epoxy Resin



  • Used heavy duty applications
  • Highly chemical resistant
  • Highly resistant to carbon-based
  • chemicals
  • High heat resistant
  • Silica and resin based material
  • Long lead time

Chem Resistant Laminate



  • Used in light duty applications
  • Light chemical resistance
  • Low resistance to carbon-based chemicals
  • Poor heat resistance
  • Laminate based material
  • Short lead time

Stainless Steel



  • Used in moderate to heavy duty applications
  • Moderate chemical resistance
  • High resistance to carbon-based chemicals
  • High heat resistance
  • Long lead time




  • Used in light duty to moderate applications
  • Moderate chemical resistance
  • Moderate resistance to carbon-based chemicals
  • Poor heat resistance
  • Short lead time

Products & Applications


Formaspace manufacters laboratory partition wall modules known as FabWalls. These can be used as island modules or as laboratory room partitions.


Clean Rooms

We create ergonomic products such as tables, carts, individual workstations, rack systems, fume hoods, and vent hoods to meet your clean room requirements.


Fume Hoods

Clear the air of chemical fumes and toxic gases with effective fume hoods built for quality and longevity. We have air-clearing solutions for every lab application from education to specialty professional settings.

Peg Boards

Laboratory peg boards provide a location to dry glassware and other vessels used in your laboratory. Choose from stainless steel, epoxy, phenolic, laminate or HDPE for your wall mounted lab drying rack.

100% Client Satisfaction

“I recommend Formaspace because they are reliable, timely, and they keep promises.”

- J. Garzon, Aviall, A Boeing Company

“Efficient, timely and perfect furniture for our lab! We love the flexibility to never-ending changes that occur in laboratory medicine.”

- L. Davis, Mission Health Hospital

“The product is high quality, at a reasonable price and the customer service is excellent!”

- S. Satterfield, Nike, Inc.

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