ESD Workbench Solutions

ESD Work Surface



  • High Pressure Laminate (HPL) or Dual Layer HPL for continuous monitoring
  • Impact and wear resistant
  • Heat and chemical resistant
  • Water and steam resistant
  • Eradicates need for ESD surface mats
  • Meets ANSI/BIFMA standards
  • Built to your required level of ESD compliance

ESD Shelving



  • HPL or Dual Layer HPL
  • Heat and chemical resistant
  • Impact and wear resistant
  • Water and steam resistant
  • Eliminates need for ESD surface mats
  • Used as upper and lower shelves
  • Wire shelving and storage components available

ESD Casters



  • Used for dissapation on mobile units
  • Floor protective anti-static wheels
  • Allows electricity to flow through bench
  • Use on carts, mobile benches, and ESD chairs
  • Rejects floor debris
  • Resistant to chemicals, water, and steam

ESD Chairs



  • Reduces static charge from sitting
  • Discharges through floor grounds
  • Ergonomic features increase productivity and reduce fatigue
  • Meets ANSI/BIFMA standards
  • Composed of ESD polyurethane, ESD fabric or ESD vinyl

ESD Mats



  • Best for light duty applications
  • Conductive and static dissipative matting used as surface or floor mats
  • Floor mats reduce workers fatigue and provide comfort
  • Protects valuable components
  • Flame retardant, moderate chemical and moisture resistance

Tech Lab Products & Applications

Tech Lab Electronic Repair Workstations

Electronic Repair Workstations

Formaspace creates electronics assembly and repair workstation solutions from single departments to large multi-channel operations. Need something unique? We’ll create a custom solution for you. 

Tech Lab Data Entry Workstation

Data Entry Workstations

Ergonomics and reduction of workers’ fatigue are especially crucial for data entry work benches. We build dedicated spaces that encourage timely and accurate inputs. The functionality of a Formaspace workbench ensures employee health, comfort, and productivity.

Tech Lab Computer Repair Benches

Computer Repair Benches

Get a grounded computer repair bench from the company that serves the top tier computer companies in the Fortune 500. They prefer our innovative solutions, and you will too. 


Makerspace Furniture


What might happen when you give ordinary people extraordinary tools? Regular people begin to collaborate, invent, and discover new materials, technologies, and art forms in well-equipped lab spaces. Whether you’re building a Fab Lab for CNC routing, laser cutting, and circuit board fabrication or a local member-based hackerspace, Formaspace offers top of the line furniture for a wide range of innovative spaces. Our materials withstand student exploration of crafts and curious techies heavy duty tinkering. House expensive tools and equipment on modular furniture that is known for durability and strength. Provide workspace that is mobile and stackable for ultimate flexibility.

University Makerspace – Innovation Lab
Large Collaboration Makerspace Table
Mobile Makerspace Tables

Tech Lab Accessories

Tech Lab Furniture Lighting

Over the Head Tech Lab Bench Lights

Visual clarity is critical in a tech lab or dry lab environment. See clearly with long-lasting overhead LED lighting and focus on miniature items with a magnifying task lamp. Have a specific lighting need? Tell us about your task and we’ll provide industry compliant solutions.

Tech Lab Furniture Accessories

Tech Lab Workbench Accessories

You have detailed needs and we have workbench accessories to improve your dry lab environment. Bin rails and bins are frequently used to store and organize common items. Add monitor arms, ESD kits, cable management, CPU brackets, power strips, and keyboard trays to optimize your computing benches.

Formaspace Client Reviews

Client Testimony Aviall

“I recommend Formaspace because they are reliable, timely, and they keep promises.”

- J. Garzon, Aviall, A Boeing Company

Client Testimony Mission Hospitals

“Efficient, timely and perfect furniture for our lab! We love the flexibility to never-ending changes that occur in laboratory medicine.”

- L. Davis, Mission Health Hospital

Client Testimony Nike

“The product is high quality, at a reasonable price and the customer service is excellent!”

- S. Satterfield, Nike, Inc.

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