Sample Processing Bench Features

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Mobile Sample Processing Bench
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Sample Processing Countertops

High Density Polyethylene



  • HDPE is a thermoplastic made from petroleum
  • Lack of porosity
  • Resistant to many solvents
  • Very soft
  • Nonabsorbant
  • Flammable

Chemical Resistant Laminate



  • Special resin applied to laminate
  • Moderate resistance to non-corrosive and non-volatile chemicals
  • Poor heat resistance
  • Delaminates in wet environments
  • Suggested for intermediate-type lab applications

Epoxy Resin



  • Silica and resin based
  • Highest and most trusted chemical resistance
  • Resistant to corrosive chemical
  • Very hard, durable material
  • High heat resistance
  • Insoluable in water
  • Melting/frezing point of >400 degrees fahrenheit

Phenolic Resin



  • Layered paper and resin based
  • Moderately resistant to corrosive chemicals
  • Moderate heat resistance
  • Moderate chemical resistance
  • Completely nonabsorbent
  • Easy to clean
  • Extremely hard material
  • Can be damaged by open flame

Stainless Steel



  • Low carbon steel containing around 10% chromium
  • Corrosion resistant Retains stainless strength up to 1500 degrees fahrenheit
  • (816 C) High chemical resistance
  • 0% absorbency
  • 100%, low energy recyclable
  • Recommended for carbon-based chemical labs

Sample Processing Lab Products & Services

Canopy Hoods and Lab Snorkels

Canopy Hoods & Lab Snorkels

Canopy Hoods are used to vent non-toxic materials like heat, steam, and odors from large equipment. We can install them on a wall or suspend them over peninsulas and corner laboratory furniture. Snorkels consist of a bell mouth and articulating arm-like connection to capture and remove thermal updrafts from your benchtop-heated processes. Contact us for your light duty fume extraction requirements. 

Lab Chairs

Lab Chairs

Ergonomic chairs are critical to your employees level of productivity and comfort. We have a wide range of chair options to suit your laboratory seating requirements. Tell your design consultant what you need and you’ll have ergonomic chairs to match your sample processing workstations.


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- L. Davis, Mission Health Hospital

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“The product is high quality, at a reasonable price and the customer service is excellent!”

- S. Satterfield, Nike, Inc.

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