Industrial Storage Rack Features

Heavy Duty Capacity

Depending on your requirements, Formaspace will build your custom rack from 16-gauge square tubular steel frames which carry over 2000 lbs. All our framework comes fully welded unless specified otherwise.


Utilizing facility floor space and improving the footprint is the ultimate goal when retrieving stored products from racks or between racks. Formaspace will attach casters to mobilize your storage rack systems. Caster selection varies depending on the load capacity desired. Let your Design Consultant know your requirements.

Products & Services

Industrial Flow Rack

Industrial flow racks increases spatial efficiency and reduces labor time and cost. Custom designed Flow Rack systems provide First-in/First-out control for inventory, assembly, and packing & shipping facilities. They can also be customized to match your SKUs and integrate with conveyors.


Laptop & Tablet Storage System

Laptop & Tablet Storage units is a popular product for mass production or electronics assembly & repair facilities. These racks are customizable to equip with ESD shelves, partition loops, power distribution units for charging stations, etc… Contact a design consultant for your custom rack solution.


Computer & Server Racks

Custom rack systems designed to store your servers during testing and other computer workstation units that provide organization and accessibility to your IT operations.


Industrial Reel & Spool Racks

Whether stationary or mobile, Formaspace Reel and Stool Racks are a common solution to any material handling operation. Industrial steel roller-bar racks are designed to hold heavy duty reels or light duty packing materials. Contact us for your custom solution today.


Mobile Shelving Carts

Custom designed steel shelving carts mainly used for moving materials or products between stations. Common shelving carts include but not limited to tool carts, cantilever carts, recycling carts, waste carts, etc. Contact us for your custom solution today.


Light Duty Cantilever Storage Racks

Formaspace Cantilever Racks will hold up to 2000 lbs. Custom dimensions are available upon request. Give our Design Consultants your specifications and we’ll engineer a custom solution.


Storage Cart Products

Bin Storage Rack & Cart

Commercial and industrial bin storage rack systems can be customized to fulfill any operation type and to carry any bin size. These are most commonly used in manufacturing and assembly environments.

Wire Rack Cart System

Wire rack systems offer 62” linear airflow, meeting the most stringent clean room standards. Add casters for mobility and inquire about size and configuration options.

100% Client Satisfaction

“I recommend Formaspace because they are reliable, timely, and they keep promises.”

- J. Garzon, Aviall, A Boeing Company

“Efficient, timely and perfect furniture for our lab! We love the flexibility to never-ending changes that occur in laboratory medicine.”

- L. Davis, Mission Health Hospital

“The product is high quality, at a reasonable price and the customer service is excellent!”

- S. Satterfield, Nike, Inc.

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