Packing Station Flexibility

Adjustable Height Packing Bench

Adjustable Height Packing Station

Nobody moves quickly with an achy back or strained muscles. Guarantee high employee productivity and efficiency with ergonomic packing stations. Whether the station is manned by 6’8” former basketball player or a 5’2” former jockey, a height adjustable solution will fit all employee sizes. Give Formaspace your height range requirements, and we’ll create the solution for you.

Mobile Packing Station

Mobile Work Bench

With mobile work benches and carts, your packaging and shipping facility can easily travel, relocate, be rearranged, and serve as a solution in unexpected chaos. Our furniture mobility increases your packaging speed and facility flexibility. Ask your Design Consultant about your mobility options and get started on creating your packing station design today!

Packing & Shipping Workbench Options

Distribution Center Integration

Distribution Workstation Integration

We will integrate your workstation to unify your process to your productivity goals. Integration comes in the form of roller bars embedded in your work surface and moves a package to the sorter, roller balls for easy package maneuvering, scale-cut outs with a dedicated scale location, and benches that facilitate robotic picking and sorting. We can make it if you can dream it, just tell your design consultant about your facility goals and needs.

Packaging Material Stand

Packing Supply Stands

Packaging stations designed by Formaspace are built to increase employee packaging speed, prevent supply damage, and keep your facility organized. Your Design Consultant is ready to help you find the ideal solution today.

Work Bench Shelves With Dividers

Shelves & Shelf Dividers

Shelving with loop partitions or sheet metal partitions gives your packaging material a dedicated space and keeps workstations efficiently organized. Add a pull-out shelf below the work surface to house printers and create an easily accessible shelf for a frequently used machine. Contact your Design Consultant to get your packing supplies in order.

Custom Industrial Furniture Storage

Custom Cubbies & Bin Rails

Formaspace custom cubbies are ideal for storing inventory materials until they are needed, as well as necessary equipment that is infrequently used. Add bin rails to your Benchmarx™, modified Benchmarx™, or custom product to attach multiple bins for small part storage. Tell your Design Consultant about your needs and we’ll get a quote and drawing started for you!

Specialty Function Workbench Mechanisms

Specialty Function Mechanisms

Formaspace will engineer solutions for your work environment that rapidly increase the level of employee productivity starting at the workbench level. Inform your Design Consultant of your workflow, materials to store in each station, and how many shifts are in your operation. We will then work with you to create special functioning mechanisms that cater to organization and efficiency. These could come in the form of pull-out waste disposal compartments, printer pull-out shelves, tape dispensers, or any component your packing stations may need.

Scale Cut Out Packing Station

Scale Cut-out with Shelf

Scales take up the workspace, but their placement is critical to packing efficiency. Formaspace will create scale cut-outs in the work surface that are specific to your facility’s scales. We’ll also create custom shelves that hang below the cut out to house your equipment. Collaborate with your Design Consultant today to find the optimal packaging station solution!

Roller Bar Spool Holder for Workstation

Roller Bar & Spool Holder

Packaging and shipping stations with roller bars keep the productive momentum going for you. For easy access at your packing workstation, we’ll install roller bars between the unistruts. Add a spool holder under the upper shelf, or in your optimal position, for easy use of bubble wrap, stretch film, cushioning materials, and tape. Contact your Design Consultant to get started on your ideal packing station design today.

Mobile Storage Carts Distribution

Mobile Carts for Distribution Centers

Mobile carts designed by Formaspace are built to increase the functionality of your packing and shipping facility. Easily move mobile carts from bay to bay carrying bulky packing materials, products to be shipped, and heavy items. Our custom mobile carts helped in the sequencing of the first human genome. Imagine what our carts could do in your facility! Talk to your Design Consultant about the issues in your work environments for a Formaspace solution today.


Formaspace Client Reviews

Client Testimony Aviall

“I recommend Formaspace because they are reliable, timely, and they keep promises.”

- J. Garzon, Aviall, A Boeing Company

Client Testimony Mission Hospitals

“Efficient, timely and perfect furniture for our lab! We love the flexibility to never-ending changes that occur in laboratory medicine.”

- L. Davis, Mission Health Hospital

Client Testimony Nike

“The product is high quality, at a reasonable price and the customer service is excellent!”

- S. Satterfield, Nike, Inc.

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