Electronics Repair / Assembly Workstations

Formaspace Electronics Repair / Assembly Industrial Workbenches are designed to provide a lean efficient platform for your application:

  • Assembly and Manufacturing
  • PC Repair Services
  • Hard drive data Recovery
  • Upgrading Services

Specialized Design

  • ESD Protection
  • Parts management / bin access
  • Tool Storage and access
  • Task lighting

Formaspace Electronic Repair & Assembly Workstations are the best choice for your sensitive work environment. Formaspace can engineer Electronics Repair & Assembly Workstations to address your challenges, including:

  • ESD program compliance
  • Production Line Integration
  • Ergonomic Requirements
  • Clean Room requirements
  • Sit / Stand Configurations

Electronics Repair & Assembly Features

  • Available ESD Protection
  • Available Mobility Options
  • Height Adjustment Options
  • Durable Steel Frame Construction
  • Versatile Upright System allows for easy re-configuration and personalization
  • Computer Accessories:
    • Display Mounts
    • Keyboard Trays
    • CPU placement
    • Cable Management
    • Power Distribution
    • Rack Mounts
    • Seating Products

Electronics Repair & Assembly Options

Workstation Options

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A well thought-out compliment of accessories allows you to build a lean, ergonomic workstation for your staff to comfortably focus on the job at hand.

Formaspace Electronics Repair & Assembly Workstations Facilitate Ergonomics and Efficiency

Formaspace works with each client to develop the ideal Electronic Repair & Assembly workstation. We consistently provide the necessary balance between ergonomics, organization and productivity. Formaspace packages these elements at a value that makes sense in today’s workplace.

Free Design Help

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