So Top Secret We Can’t Say Who This is For

custom linear packing station

We can say this client is incredibly innovative. Like robot-delivery innovative. These days, this Fortune 50 e-tailer is packing your products on FORMASPACE custom designed packing stations.

Think about your craziest Christmas Eve when you had to package and wrap an endless number of presents late into the night. That’s what our client’s employees do day in and day out. You may have used your dining table or just spread out across the floor for present packing crunch time, but a full-time packing warehouse needs the custom workstations to meet its lightening-fast order fulfillment goals.

Ergonomically Built for Faster Shipping

If the smallest details in the picking-to-shipping process flow are not well thought out, they can impact the speed of fulfillment. Non-optimized packing stations can impact the number of items that go out of the distribution center, break delivery promises, and cause massive customer service headaches. That’s why this classified e-tailer turned to Formaspace to design a custom solution that increases speed and efficiency.

custom shipping station custom cutout
custom packing station amazon amazon packing station

Integrated Robotics and Manual Operations

Our design consultants and industrial engineers saw a few key items this bench needed to integrate with: fulfillment and material handling systems. Our client has already invested in robotic picking to ramp up automation. Now they are cutting out wasted time in manual operations. We aided the effort with custom scale cut outs, infinitely adjustable package dividers, height adjustable tables for three shift operations, suspension shelves, and adjustable wire management.

Because every table is adjustable in height, their 4’10” employee doesn’t have to maneuver around on the same height bench as their 6’7″ employee. Each person can adjust the station to their stature. We simplified weighing packages by creating a cut out so the top of the scale lines up with the top of the table. Scale cut outs eliminated bothersome lifting and time spent balancing packages. We created a printer stand, a label holder and attached a monitor extension. The functionality of this packing station is unmatched in the industry. Other dividers on similar benches in the market can adjust, but only within 1 inch margins. We delivered an infinitely flexible solution with true adjustability and flush-mounted hardware to eliminate snags.

Organization & Safety Features

Infinitely adjustable shelf dividers create organizational freedom based on current stock of packing supplies. Heavy-gauge steel provides strength and durability in an environment that is in constant motion. We designed shelves to hold up to 500 pounds, eliminating the need to store any materials in the surrounding area. This clutter free element increases the facility’s safety factor for workers, eliminated walking, and substantially reduced wasted movement. We also designed a drop shelf suspended in the middle of the bench to keep table legs out of the way of bustling packers. No accidental trips or slips in our packing stations on your clock!

After carefully considering their process flow, Formaspace delivered a tailored packing station with built-in ergonomic features for multi-shift operations, highly customized organization elements that de-clutter the warehouse, and an environment that promotes employee productivity. Formaspace specializes in solution engineered furniture for all workplace needs. Contact Formaspace design consultants when you’re ready for a work environment that gives you a leg up on the competition.


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