How Many Box Tops Does It Take to Buy a Formaspace Workbench?

In a time when funding is being cut nationwide, one teacher found a new means of purchasing her science classroom furniture – box tops. With the help of her local Kiwanis group and the educational discount offered by Formaspace, Kathryn Brown of Kernersville Middle School was able to order her much needed science table.



Budget Cuts Prompts Middle School Teacher to think Creatively

When Kernersville Middle School’s Builders Club reviewed their budget and planned expenditures for next year, they quickly realized an alternative source of income was needed to purchase a science table. The Box Tops for Education Program donates 10 cents for every box top from a variety of brands; after a year of collecting, the school had 10,000 tops to redeem.

The school needed a table that would fit in their budget, yet have the durability and versatility necessary for years of use. Formaspace provided free quotes based on the school’s needs and furnished a 10% educational discount. Ms. Brown loved having the opportunity to draw her ideas for Formaspace, who will take her input and create the custom bench in less than 10 days.

Ms. Brown will be using Formaspace’s Basix model in her classroom, which is ideal as a floating work surface and storage table. “This work bench is an answer to a longtime problem,” wrote Ms. Brown in an email to Formaspace. “With an unexpected overpopulation of middle school students in our community, the overflow is served by a regular classroom with no such furnishings. So after 10 years of being in a non-science outfitted classroom, I began to look for affordable alternatives.”



Basix workbench with gray laminate countertop
Basix Workbench with Gray Laminate


Plans to Continue Saving for More Science Tables in the Future

“The “bench” will serve as a mobile science demonstration table that doubles as a secure storage area for beakers, balance beams, microscopes, specimens, chemicals, etc. As I am relocated to other classrooms over the years and moving between grade levels, the table will move with me. I am not moving the table during the days, rather it will stay in that room and become my space to teach better science for that year’s class.”

Formaspace was told to save the design, as the school plans to purchase another table next year for another science teacher in the same situation. “The plan is to disburse plastic sandwich bags to every student before the summer begins. Every bag will have a Box Top in it. Then they will collect and we’ll see what happens.”

Formaspace would like to applaud Ms. Brown and her school for their creativity and hard work. The company is proud to have its product used by such dedicated individuals and looks forward to helping Kernersville Middle School again in the future.

More information about box tops can be located at For additional information regarding its products, Formaspace can be reached by phone at 1.800.251.1505 or by email at


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