Completion’s Completely New Oil & Gas Laboratory

Laboratory Casework

Completion Science is experiencing exciting growth. They recently moved into an expansive new oil and gas laboratory in Duncan, Oklahoma. With the help of FORMASPACE, Laboratory Service Director Stan Heath created a new lab with 35 feet of chemical resistant casework, mobile lab benches, a fume hood, and canopy vent.

Completion Science’s new state of the art facility promotes efficiency, organization, and timely execution for research and new product development projects.

Custom Designs Create the Ideal Oil & Gas Lab

After a successful installation, we contacted Heath to see how things were running at the lab. He said, “I must say the quality of the furniture is very high and am pleased 100%. This setup allows the testing operations to be organized and done in a timelier manner. The custom design to fit the dimensions of our facility, along with specific sink placement, facilitates a more efficient use of space and also allows the best organization of tools and equipment.”

Completion Science is an engineering consulting service specializing in the completion of oil and gas wells. In addition to consulting, they evaluate and test materials in simulated well conditions in their labs. They are currently focused on degradable material which temporarily isolates previously stimulated zones. This allows additional stimulation operations to improve production output of existing wells. Completion Science is also heavily involved in developing new oil and gas products to be used industry-wide.

fume hoodFume Hood Over Casework
lab caseworkCasework with Specific Sink Placement

Our Consultants Simplify the Custom Furniture Design Process

During the beginning stages of the first major growth effort, along with an anticipated move to a larger facility, Formaspace was chosen as the go to furniture manufacturer. Completion Science reported that chosing FORMASAPCE was an easy decision after speaking with design consultant Amy Mosley. Heath positively recalls the moment and stated, “My call to Amy Mosley was the element which finalized my decision to use FORMASPACE to design and furnish the laboratory space. Talking on the phone about such complex needs is usually difficult and confusing, but Amy made it easy and enjoyable.”

Formaspace lab design experts draw on the benefit of desigining for a variety of lab and production spaces design to create the right space for any environment. Where there is a worker, there should be a well thought out workbench. Where there is a workbench, there should be a carefully designed workspace that maximizes efficiency and use of space. Completion Science found the right team to turn their ideal space into a reality. Heath concluded, “the furniture is a symbol of the quality we instill in our company and reflects the pride we have in delivering services and products to our clients. When customers are visiting our facility, it is important to reflect that pride in an environment in which we reside.”

We take pride in our 100% client satisfaction and dedicate the best teams to complete your space. When it’s time to create or remodel your workspace, select the team that offers creative custom solutions with long lasting durability. Like Completion Science, you’ll maximize your space, efficiency, and execution.

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