Industrial Workbenches

Formaspace industrial workbenches are both functional and attractive. Whether we're providing workbenches for an entire manufacturing facility or for a single manufacturing workstation, we include the same level of quality in everything we do.

Task Specific Industrial Workbenches

Electronics Repair Industrial Workbench

Electronics Repair / Assembly

ESD Surfaces protect sensitive electronics from static discharge, a requirement for modern industrial computer furniture. Accessories including tool storage, bins, drawers, document holders, CPU Holders, keyboard trays/arms, monitor arms, wire management, task lighting.
Electronics Repair / Assembly Workbenches

Industrial Workbenches for Material Handling

Material Handling

Modern industrial furniture solutions designed for efficiency and productivity, ensuring your workers never have to reach outside their immediate space to complete their common objectives.
Material Handling Workbenches

Industrial Workbenches for Packing and Shipping

Packing / Shipping

Modern industrial furniture designed with standard surfaces or roller balls, with or without flush mounted scales, so your workers never have to risk injury via heavy lifting.
Packing & Shipping Workstations

Industrial Tool Benches

Tool Benches

Modern industrial furniture designed for high flexibility and rugged durability. Access your tools, store your gear, and work at an industrial-strength tool bench all in one unit.
Tool Benches

Rack Systems

Rack Systems

Used for general, kitchen, office, or clean room applications. Multiple varieties and styles available.
Rack Systems

Custom Designed Industrial Furniture

Custom Industrial Workbenches

Whatever your specialty project, Formaspace has the experience to help you design and create custom industrial computer furniture and workbenches meeting your needs.
Custom Industrial Workbenches

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Industrial Workbench Options

Industrial Workbench Accessories

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Ford Motor Company
Goodrich Corporation
Honda R&D Americas
Honeywell International
Nucor Steel
Rolls Royce

Formaspace Industrial Workbenches. A few standards. Unlimited possibilities.

Formaspace industrial workbenches are built based on a few simple standards which can be easily configured for a wide variety of purposes.

Workbenches For Productivity

Formaspace will help you design a modern industrial furniture solution for efficiency and productivity in your specific task, ensuring your workers never have to reach outside their immediate space to complete their common objectives. Designing for productivity alone can more than recoup the cost of Formaspace products, and we often find that Formaspace designed facilities become the envy of their companies.

Workbenches For Your Task

Your Formaspace design consultant will work with you to design modern industrial furniture built exactly to your needs, at about the same price as standard knock-down workbench furniture.

Workbenches Designed for Safety

We will design for safety, to ensure a minimum of lost time injuries, even in high-throughput, multi-shift operations.

Workbenches for Durability

Formaspace offers the world's most durable benches, and backs them with the industry's most comprehensive warranty. It's that simple!

Workbenches for Aesthetics

We design for aesthetic appeal, using the industry’s best materials to ensure long-lasting walk-through appeal that will impress the most reticent executives.

Workbenches for Requirements

We design for ADA, 5S, and ISO 9001:2002 requirements.

Industrial Workbench Applications

Formaspace is America's premier manufacturer of rugged and efficient workbench and related furniture systems used in military, production, healthcare, and general use environments.

Light Industrial Workbenches

Light industrial workbench solutions for efficiency and productivity in light and medium-duty applications.

Whether you are moving packages, picking and packing, reloading shotgun shells, or waxing skis, you can save space, save time, and save money with light and medium duty worktable solutions.

Heavy Industrial Workbenches

Heavy-duty workbench solutions for the ultimate in heavy-duty applications.

From machinery and engine repair to holding up your valuable equipment, our 2" tubular steel heavy-duty work benches are up for the challenge.

Material Handling Workbenches

Formaspace keeps your supply chain moving with material handling, sorting and order-picking workstations designed exactly for your space.

The efficiency, safety, and durability gains of Formaspace material handling, sorting, and order-picking workstations solutions easily justify the small added up front investment in design.

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