Computer Workstations and Desks

Formaspace computer workstations can help you organize your work space for maximum productivity -- just give us the specifics and we can design computer work benches that are aesthetically appealing, durable, and compliant with industry regulations. Whether building a new facility or repurposing your current space, we can help you create computer desks that are comfortable, safe, and functional.

Task Specific Computer Workstations

Computer Workstations for Visualization


CAD CAM, Financial Traders, Security Surveillance -- Our Visualization computer workstations improve interaction with large amounts of graphics and data. Whether you need (16) 19" monitors or (4) 44" displays ergonomically positioned at your custom workstation, we can help! Ask about specialized seating for 24hr continuous use, keeping employees comfortable and productive.
Computer Workstations for Visualization

Formaspace LAN Station

LAN Stations

LAN Stations that provide ample space for your servers, switches and LAN support peripherals. Popular configurations include rack mount solutions, shelving, LCD arms, keyboard trays and power distribution for your computer table.
LAN stations

Data Entry Computer Workstations

Data Entry

Ergonomically designed computer furniture, including height-adjustable work surfaces for seated and standing use with multiple users. Formaspace computer workstations improve your employees' safety and efficiency. Specialized seating for 24hr continuous use keeps employees comfortable and productive.
Computer Workstations for Data Entry

ESD Computer Tables

Electronics Repair / Assembly

ESD Surfaces available to protect sensitive electronics on computer tables from static discharge. Organization Accessories including tool storage, parts organization, drawers, document holders, and a full offering of computer management devices, CPU holders, keyboard trays/arms, monitor arms, wire management, task lighting.
Electronics Repair / Assembly Workstations

Custom Computer Furniture

Custom Computer Workstations

Whatever your specialty project, Formaspace has the experience to help you design and create custom steel, wood, and plastics products meeting your needs.
Custom Computer Workstations

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Computer Workstation Features

  • * Durable Steel Frame Construction
  • * Versatile Upright System allows for easy
             re-configuration and personalization
  • * Computer Accessories
    • - Display Mounts
    • - Keyboard Trays
    • - CPU placement
    • - Cable Management
    • - Power Distribution
    • - Rack Mounts
    • - Seating Products
  • * Available Mobility Options
  • * Available ESD Protection
  • * Height Adjustment Options

Computer Workstation Options

Computer Workstation Accessories

Many More Options...

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Computer Workstations For What's Next

Formaspace Computer Workstations and LAN Stations offer high flexibility in task-oriented work environments.

In typical high tech settings, Formaspace recommends a combination of attached and stand-alone computer furniture, specifically computer tables, and storage options offering a mix of flexibility and task-specificity.

Computer Furniture Built on the Benchmarx Standard

Benchmarx custom workstations are popular in electronics applications for their high durability, task-specificity, and variety of modular, custom options, such as heavy duty upper and lower shelving, professional grade power strips, multiple monitor mounts, cable management, wire grommets, hydraulics, and cabinetry. Benchmarx computer tables can be built as stand-alone units or as part of an attached-semi-permanent furniture system, and are fully welded for the ultimate in durability and convenience.

In a typical small to medium sized tech lab setting, Benchmarx work benches line the walls of the room in a 'U' shape as part of an overall workspace design. In larger settings, Benchmarx computer tables are usually placed in back-to-back row configurations with central or overhead electrical chases.

Benchmarx Standards:

  • * Uprights for heavy duty shelving or upper cabinets
  • * 16 guage American made tubular steel
  • * Widths between 48" and 96"
  • * Duty-rated to 1,000 lbs.

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