Lab Furniture

Formaspace lab furniture can help you organize your work space for maximum productivity -- just give us the specifics and we can design lab benches that are aesthetically appealing, durable, and compliant with industry regulations. Whether building a new facility or repurposing your current laboratory, we can help you create lab workstations that are comfortable, safe, and functional.

Task Specific Lab Benches

Instrumentation Tables

Lab Instrumentation Tables

Engineered for instrumentation and laboratory automation, these benches will optimize and safeguard your valuable equipment.
Lab Instrumentation Tables

Wet Lab Furniture

Wet Lab

The highest quality lab sinks, fixtures, and drying racks are available for your Formaspace lab bench. Work surface options include phenolic resin, epoxy resin, and plastic laminate.
Wet Lab

Data Entry Lab Furniture

Lab Data Entry

Ergonomic design, including height-adjustable work surfaces and sit/stand seating for multiple users, improves your employees' safety and efficiency.
Data Entry Lab

Sample Processing Laboratory Furniture

Lab Sample Processing

Process samples quickly and efficiently with a lab bench designed specifically for your laboratory objectives.
Sample Processing Lab

Custom Design Lab Furniture

Lab Bench Custom Configurations

Whatever your specialty project, Formaspace has the experience to help you design and create custom steel, wood, and plastics products meeting your needs. Your Formaspace lab bench will be made to your specifications with your budget and time frame in mind.
Custom Lab Benches

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Lab Furniture Features

  • * New Build, Expansion and Relocation: Design/Build/Install
  • * Epoxy Resin, Phenolic Resin, HDPE, Chemical Resistant PLAM, Stainless
  • * Lab Fixtures: Sinks, Faucets, Gas Valves, Pegboard/Drying Racks
  • * Storage Options: Cabinets, Shelves, Drawers, and more
  • * Fully-Welded and Bolt-Together Designs
  • * VOC Free Materials Available

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Laboratory Furniture For What's Next

Formaspace designs and builds practical, elegant, human-friendly laboratory furniture so you can focus on the science of discovery and testing. We have experience and expertise in designing and building lab benches for energy, education, government, and a wide variety of healthcare applications.

In typical laboratory settings, Formaspace recommends a mix of products offering a combination of flexibility, performance, and aesthetic appeal to meet your critical application needs.

Lab Bench (Benchmarx)

Benchmarx workbenches are popular in laboratory applications for their high durability, task-specificity, and variety of modular and custom options including a wide variety of surface choices. A Benchmarx lab bench can be built as a stand-alone unit or as part of an integrated lab furniture system.

In a typical small to medium sized laboratory setting, Benchmarx work benches line the walls of the room in a U shape as part of an overall workspace design. In larger labs, Benchmarx benches are typically configured in rows. Benchmarx lab benches are designed to maximize storage and flexibility for future re-tasking needs.

Benchmarx Lab Bench Standards:

  • Uprights for super-duty shelving or upper cabinets
  • 16 gauge or 11 gauge tubular steel
  • Widths between 48" and 96"
  • Epoxy, phenolic resin, high density polyethylene, or chemical resistant laminate surface options
  • Mobility options for frequent re-tasking
  • Hydraulic options for ADA compliance

Standard Lab Bench (Basix)

Formaspace Basix lab tables are popular for use as flexible islands within a complete lab furniture system. Basix lab tables are frequently designed to accommodate custom cubbie configurations to maximize storage of frequently used lab items, and are often designed with total-lock casters for maximum flexibility in reconfiguration.

Basix Lab Bench Standards:

  • 16 gauge or 11 gauge tubular steel
  • Custom under-surface storage options
  • Mobility options
  • Widths between 48" and 96"

Lab Bench Surface Options

Formaspace lab furniture is available with a wide variety of work surfaces, including epoxy resin, phenolic resin, stainless steel, high density polyethylene, and chemical resistant laminate. Formaspace also occasionally uses other specialty materials such as granite, Kydex, Corian, or other metal surfaces upon customer request.

Lab Bench Storage Options

Formaspace carries a full array of wood, metal, and high density polyethylene cabinetry, and can design custom cabinetry upon request. Please inform your design consultant if your lab has particular requirements, including no wood or VOCs.

Lab Bench Specific Options

Formaspace offers a complete array of options to complete your lab table, including epoxy and stainless steel sinks, gas valves, fume hoods, and an extensive array of storage options. Just let us know about your application, and we will design your lab bench to match your requirements.

Formaspace's friendly and knowledgeable design consultants are available to provide fast and professional delivery of solutions for your laboratory needs. If you dream it, we can build it!

Other Lab Bench information

Formaspace can design your lab table to meet the wide variety of compliance requirements imposed on laboratories, including ADA requirements and BIFMA standards, special California design requirements including earthquake resistance, and volatile organic compound (VOC) requirements. Formaspace is an active member of the U.S. Green Building Council.

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