Workbench Standard Features

Product Standards

Typical weight capacity: 250 pounds per leg evenly distributed with no torque or side load. Weight capacities up to 1250 pounds per leg are available.

Typical steel: 1.5″ x 1.5″ American-made, 16-gauge tubular steel. 2.0″ x 2.0″ 16 gauge and 11 gauge steel is also available in stock. Other gauges are available by order with a typical turnaround time less than one week.

Design lifetime: Different products are designed for different lifetimes. Maple block countertops used in heavy industrial cutting are often replaced annually, while stainless steel counters used in light-duty laboratory applications have an indefinite (over 100 year) design lifetime.

Available Colors: Frame: Standard workbench colors include black, gray, white, and safety blue. A myriad of colors can be obtained upon request, including metallic, clear coat and polished steel.

Available Colors: Work Surfaces: Standard colors for laminate workbench surfaces include black, gray, and white. The variety of available custom colors is limited only by your imagination, including all types of wood grains, bright laminates, and multicolored laminates. Please ask your design consultant for samples.

Responsiveness Standards

Time to callback: Less than 24 hours during business week.

Typical time to quote: Less than 24 hours. Larger projects may take several days or weeks depending on responsiveness of specialty vendors.

Typical time to drawings: Less than 24 hours for informal sketches. AutoCAD renderings may take several days.

Ask your design consultant about the standards for your product today. Call 1.800.251.1505 now!