Get the Dream Tool Bench for Your Garage This Christmas

Now is this the time to order the perfect Christmas gift for your significant other. If you have a loved one with a passion for hands-on hobbies, don’t look any further. We have the perfect gift suggestion for you.


tool bench for christmas


With the holiday season approaching, it’s time to remember that old saying, “it’s better to give than to receive.”

We suggest taking this suggestion one step further: “It’s better to give something they’ll really, really like — a gift that will truly last a lifetime.”

For some, the perfect gift that lasts a lifetime might be diamonds.

But we have a much better suggestion for the garage tinkerers who love nothing more than spending their spare time working on their hobbies, do-it-yourself projects, motorcycles, and classic cars — now is the time to order a one-of-a-kind tool bench, custom-made by Formaspace.

It’s true; these tool benches are such high quality you’ll consider getting yourself one that is designed to your specific taste.


Formaspace Custom Tool Benches: The Ultimate Bragging Right

Industrial Tool BenchIf you’ve ever watched the long-running television series Man Caves (former Formaspace client) on the DIY Network you know, there’s a little bit of one-upmanship and bragging rights that come from having the very best.

And that’s what Formaspace tool benches offer – they are top of the line.

Want proof? Take for example. Amazon has a gazillion products for sale, yet Amazon chooses Formaspace benches for their own employees.  The same is true for Google, Dell, and many other leading Fortune 500 companies. They know quality so they continually choose Formaspace tool benches.

Why? We’ve been building them since 1981, so we know how to build tough, professional products. For example, our tool benches have exceptionally strong frames that are hand-welded together using durable 16-gauge steel, made in America, then powder-coated in your preferred color. This tough foundation makes our benches really strong— you can load up to 1,000 pounds on our tool benches — or even more weight if you select our extra heavy-duty benches made from 11-gauge steel.

Our products offer a level of professionalism, longevity, and an added measure of safety you won’t get from low-quality, imported furniture that you have to bolt together yourself out of questionable mystery metal.

Formaspace tool benches are shipped to you fully assembled, direct from our factory in Austin, and we stand behind our tool benches with a 12-year, full-coverage guarantee: the best warranty in the furniture industry.


industrial stainless steel with toolboxes and upper cabinets

High-Performance Formaspace Tool Benches Can Help You Be More Creative at Home and Work

Need more justification?

In today’s busy world, most of us are finding it increasingly difficult to decompress from the stress of work — and all the other demands on our time.

We know it’s critical to our health and well-being to reduce daily stress, but the question is how to go about it.

The answer: you should pursue creative activities and do-it-yourself projects outside of work. Choose an activity that will release your mind from deadlines, drama, and life’s frustrations.

According to findings of a study published in the Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology, creative activities (like hobbies and DIY projects) really do help us relax and decompress the stress that builds up at work. And there is more: researchers found that those employees who had a creative outlet at home performed better in their jobs at work.

So indulge hobbies because these activities improve your wellbeing and can help you advance your career.


How to Get the Perfect Tool Bench, Built to Specification

When it comes to ordering products, are you the type who wants to investigate all the options yourself? If so, we’ve got you covered. Check out our extensive online documentation which outlines all the specifications and options for our complete line of tool benches.

Or, would you rather speak to one of our professional Design Consultants who can help design the perfect bench just for you? That’s easy too. Just fill out the form below or call us at 800-251-1505 to speak directly with one of our Design Consultants.

Either way, here are some of the things to consider when ordering the perfect tool bench:


Choose a Heavy-Duty Work Surface

Do you like the warm, timeless look of hardwood? We offer strong, long-lasting solid maple wood bench tops that will provide years of service. Thanks to their generous thickness they can be refinished after years of use if you want to restore them to a brand-new condition (though most people prefer the patina of a well-worn wood work surface.)

Or perhaps, you would prefer a powder-coated steel work surface instead. We offer these heavy-duty work surfaces in a variety of standard colors, or we can match a custom color of your choice.


solid maple wood top island tool bench
Large Maple Top Island Tool Bench


Specify Tool and Equipment Storage

As those tidy Germans say, “Ordnung muss sein,” which means there must be order — in other words: A place for everything and everything in its place.

Here is where you can start customizing your tool bench for specific needs.

Choose upper and lower cabinets for your bench. Then add optional drawers to the cabinets, with customized foam tool cut-out inserts that match your own set of tools, for an exact fit. You won’t believe how this simple detail will help you keep things organized.

Tool PegboardNeed more space for your tools and materials? Why not hang them on custom tool pegboards which can be mounted on the back of your tool bench?

What about storage for small parts and materials like screws and nuts? Louvered wall sections which hold small bins will keep all these pieces organized and easy to find.

Workbench with Metal Tool DrawersHow about storing raw materials and larger tools? Consider adding custom storage. You can order them for the upper section of your tool bench, with your choice of horizontal shelves, angled shelves, upper cabinets or cubbies.

Have more things to store?

Add an entire matching storage system that complements the design of your tool bench. Formaspace is the expert in building custom storage solutions for laboratories, manufacturing facilities and more. Our industrial-strength racking systems can be kitted out with horizontal or angled shelves, as well as built-in storage bins, locking doors and more. Speak to your Formaspace Design Consultant to discover what’s possible.


Take Advantage of Movable Furniture Options

Mobility in the workshop is not just for smartphones.


mobile cart attaches and detaches to workbench


Did you know that you can raise or lower the height of your Formaspace tool bench with a touch of a button? This ergonomic option allows you to easily change positions throughout the day — for example, you can lower the work surface to allow you to sit down at a comfortable level for more detailed work, then raise the work surface again when it’s time to work from a standing position. TIP: changing positions like this throughout the day is a great way to help reduce backache.

You may also want to add locking casters to the base of your tool bench to make it easy to move around.

You can also order separate, free-standing mobile carts to compliment your new tool bench. Use mobile carts to transport heavier items, such as large parts, right to where you need them.


Customize with the Right Accessories

Finally, you can customize your tool bench with the right accessories.

For example, you’ll be less fatigued when working if you have proper lighting. We offer several options for lighting – built right into your tool bench.

ESD Monitoring Proof of ConceptYou’ll probably also want to consider ways to manage power for your tools. Add optional power strips incorporated directly into your tool bench for convenient access to power. We also offer accessories to keep your power cables organized.


If you work with electronics, we also offer ESD grounding kits, which will help prevent accidental static electrical discharges that can ruin micro-electronics.

We also offer customized solutions, such as such as tool balancers and air hose retractors, which can act like a third set of hands to help support heavier tools and unwieldy hoses, plus keep them out of the way when not needed.


Act Now for Christmas Delivery

It takes about three weeks to build your custom tool bench by hand here at our factory in Austin, Texas.

So the time to act is now if you want to order a custom tool bench to be delivered in time for Christmas.

Don’t wait.

Be sure to take advantage of the free design services we offer to our clients by contacting one of our friendly Formaspace Design Consultants today.

You’ll discover why we have over 99% customer satisfaction.


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