7 Habits of Highly Effective Industrial Workbenches (with Apologies to Stephen Covey)

With a nod to Steven Covey, who wrote the best-selling business organization book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, we present seven ways that Formaspace industrial workbenches can make your workplace more productive and efficient.


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Habit 1: Build Proactive Industrial Workbenches

At Formaspace, we want our products to help you be successful by being responsive to your needs. So when we design and build your industrial workbenches and other technical furniture, we work hard to anticipate all the possible uses it will face during its lifetime. Take heavy loading for example: even our base level industrial workbenches are built with solid steel welded frames strong enough to support 1,000 pounds (and with minor steel frame upgrades they can support up to 5,000 pounds).

And we powder-coat our steel frames to avoid corrosion and provide an attractive, durable surface finish. We also seek to eliminate any installation issues before shipping our products by test fitting your entire order on our factory floor as one of the final steps in our rigorous quality assurance process.


Habit 2: Industrial Workbenches That Begin With The End Goal In Mind

Formaspace industrial workbenches, like our entire line of technical furniture, have their own personal mission statement: each piece of our technical furniture is designed to stand up to continuous use by three work shifts for a full twelve years. Because our industrial workbenches, tables, workstations and lab furniture all have this same end goal of providing exceptionally long service life, we make sure everything we build here at our factory in Austin exceeds industry standards.

That’s why we can offer you the toughest guarantee available anywhere 12 years, 3 continuous shifts.


Habit 3: Industrial Workbenches That Put First Things First

Because Formaspace industrial workbenches offer the best guarantee in the industry, they have to be ‘built to last’ – which means quality and durability come first. All our technical furniture is built in America, using the highest-quality American steel (no wobbly sheet-metal substitutes in our heavy-duty welded steel frames). Whether you choose one of our standard configurations, or have us build custom furniture designed to your specifications, you can trust your furniture will be built using the highest-quality materials and sophisticated production techniques, ensuring the long life that makes Formaspace furniture such a worthwhile investment.


Habit 4: Industrial Workbenches That Think ‘Win-Win’

Let’s say you are in the market for industrial workbenches destined for use on a factory floor. We recognize that when you are making such an important purchasing decision, you have to balance initial cost with other important considerations, such as safety, security, reliability, comfort, ergonomics and utility — not only for today’s workers but also for all the future users of the furniture. And given that Formaspace guarantees its industrial workbenches for 12 years of continuous use by three work-shifts, you are potentially making a decision that will affect the productivity of many different employees. That’s why we work hard to create a ‘win-win’ value proposition in our technical furniture offering.

We offer high-quality, American-made furniture that’s built to go the distance but thanks to our modern factory and high-technology production methods, we can offer our furniture at competitive prices. In the past we have even provided an informal rapid plant assessment (RPA) to identify needs and provide economic justification for the initial investment in Formaspace furniture. The resulting Formaspace furniture design massively improved the end-users workplace productivity, safety, and quality of life.


Habit 5: Industrial Workbenches That Seek First To Understand, Then To Be Understood

Well, to be honest as much as we like to think that our industrial workbenches and full line of technical furniture can speak for themselves, in reality we rely on our friendly team of Formaspace furniture consultants to listen and communicate with our customers on their behalf. Our goal is to work with you to understand first what your needs are. Just call one of our design experts at 1-800-251-1505 (or +1 512-279-2576 if calling from outside the U.S.A.) to discuss your needs, we’re ready to listen.

Or if you prefer, you can use our rapid quick quote request tool. And you can even design your project layout online using our handy Java-enabled 3D furniture configuration tool. We’re experienced in projects both large and small, so whether you are remodeling a single laboratory, redesigning your shipping and receiving area, adding a new production line on your factory floor or kitting out an entire research facility at a university or pharmaceutical company, we have the experience to hear what your needs are and to make recommendations to ensure your project is successful.


Formaspace Custom Workbench Pricing Tool
Formaspace Custom Workbench Pricing Tool


Habit 6: Industrial Workbenches That Help People Work Together

Nothing promotes a positive teamwork like a clean, well-lighted place to work. Our full range of industrial workbenches and technical furniture helps your team work together by providing a strong, safe, ergonometric workspace designed to support heavy loads, organize complex work tasks, store equipment and tools ready at hand and protect sensitive equipment from vibration or accidental damage. We not only help your employees work more cooperatively, but extend that philosophy to other vendors.

Due the custom nature of our industrial furniture design, we frequently incorporate accessories from other manufacturers into the final bench configuration. Whether it’s benches designed so that conveyor belts flow right onto the bench work surface, coordinating installs with multiple vendors, or even tracking down or creating specialized accessories (explosion-proof battery lockers anyone?), Formaspace embodies teamwork.


Habit 7: Industrial Workbenches That Are Sustainable And Constantly Improving

By aiming for high standards, like our ‘best in the industry’ 12 year, 3 shift continuous use guarantee, we are constantly looking for ways to improve the quality of our industrial workbenches and other technical furniture. We are also aware of our factory’s impact on the environment, so we strive to make our manufacturing facility and our overall business processes more sustainable for the long haul. How can we achieve continuous improvement in our products? The answer is we learn from our customers. In other words, we learn from you. Each time we build a new set of industrial workbenches or other technical furniture we gain a little bit more insight from you — our customers. In fact, we ask for feedback with every order. We’re eager to apply your insights to our program of continuous improvement. Why not call us today to find out how the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Workstations can work for you?  


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