Custom Lab Workstations

Formaspace Custom Designed Workbenches

Giving shape to your ideas!

Designing a space with Formaspace is a fun and creative process, and our design services are free! Please contact our designers using the form at the left or by calling 1.800.251.1505 today!


In the ideation stage, we toss ideas back and forth by phone, eventually coming up with casual hand-drawn designs or modifications of past designs for rapid prototyping.

Initial Drawings

In the second stage, your design consultant may draw a somewhat more formal graph paper sketch, laying out specific dimensions of benches and floor space. We may work with you to modify the design as required for your project.

Workstation initial custom design

Full Renderings

For larger, more complex projects, our designers may create AutoCAD renderings or other more formal drawings. Formaspace will integrate our designs into your architect's floor plans upon request.

Build your own workbench free custom CAD design

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Lab Furniture Features

  • * New Build, Expansion and Relocation: Design/Build/Install
  • * Epoxy Resin, Phenolic Resin, HDPE, Chemical Resistant PLAM, Stainless
  • * Lab Fixtures: Sinks, Faucets, Gas Valves, Pegboard/Drying Racks
  • * Storage Options: Cabinets, Shelves, Drawers, and more
  • * Fully-Welded and Bolt-Together Designs
  • * VOC Free Materials Available

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