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Who We Are

Formaspace advances the spirit of discovery and creation through the design and manufacture of custom technical furniture, accessories, and services. We develop elegant, practical, flexible solutions for customers in laboratory, technical, and industrial environments.

What We Believe

We are committed to creating great places to work in everything we do. Our people are committed to the greater issues of humanity and equanimity, and are devoted to improving the world we work in. We put this into practice through:

Who We Serve

Formaspace serves over 80% of the Fortune 500, as well as universities, governments, small businesses and individuals.

The Formaspace Promise

We will design the workbench and related accessories that best meet your needs, and back it up with the industry's best warranty. It's that simple !


We design and build workbenches to precisely meet customer's evolving needs.


Our workbenches, workstations and worktable furniture are objects of industrial beauty.


Our benches, chairs, and accessories are designed to create healthy working environments

Environmental Sustainability

We strive to create and encourage environmental sustainability.

Social Responsibility

We are committed to maximizing human potential and contributing to the global community.

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